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    Where are earlier questions?


      I can only see 10 hours of questions - how do I get to yesterdays (or earlier) Q&A?

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          You can choose View All Unanswered Questions from the bottom of the InDesign forum page, or search for a topic in the search list at the top.




          If you are looking for one of your own past questions, click the white triangle next to your Avatar and select My Content.

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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hello, Barb.

            Just to share my experience with the forum software on finding or accessing older threads:


            Recently I was working my way through Adobe Bridge scripting. There is a dedicated forum for this. So I thought, let's browse through all of the threads there for finding interesting topics. At that time I couldn't even formulate distinct questions or search for keywords, because I was relative new to that area of expertice.


            At first I had a very hard time to access the first threads in that forum, because you cannot type in a number of a particular page to go there directly, you only have the two advance buttons, that get you 1 page forward or backward. Then I realized that you can sort the threads by time. From the oldest one to the latest one. This eased my search a bit. But still it was very hard to get to some threads in the middle of the stack.


            A workaround is to anaylze the URL of a specific page in a forum.

            At the end of such an URL is a number. You can change that number and directly access a page with listed forum threads after doing some simple math.


            I have listed 20 threads on a browser page, e.g. page 4 will show the following number at the end of the URL in your browser:




            Why 60 and not 80? Sure enough, 20 x 4 will be 80 and not 60.
            Because number 60 indicates 60 threads before the start of page 4 in the browser.


            Hope, that helps.

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