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    Compare only text changes (not formatting) in Acrobat X

    andrewb38571671 Level 1

      I was trying to compare two PDFs in Acrobat DC which just didn't work (said it could not be completed, which googling confirmed just doesn't work in DC) so I found an old PC which luckily we had not upgraded and still had Acrobat X. That compared the documents. What I really want is a Word-style strikethrough/insert view, but Acrobat only gives me pop-up comments or a comment summary.


      Right, I'l work with that, but the actual changes to the text are buried within a whole lot of useless formatting comments, stating "text size changed" etc which are irrelevant. Don't care. Is there a way in Acrobat X to ignore formatting changes when comparing? More Googling brought up an Amazon book search result referencing Acrobat 8 which refers to a dialog where you can set all sorts of options like this, which seems to have disappeared from X.


      So can I do it in X, or is the Compare Documents feature just slowly being destroyed version by version, as it appears to be getting worse?