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    Inserting Arrows

      1. I am using Adobe Acrobat (11) on a PC.  I have pdf file and have inserted some text information but would like use an arrow. I tried using the help and it said to click Shapes on Toolbar but I do not have the Shapes option on my toolbar. What should I do now.
      2. I tried to copy the document and insert it in a word document but when I tried Select all /copy/past all I got was the text information not the whole page.
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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi donaldd62299015 ,


          To insert an arrow , follow these steps :


          1-Go to View>Comment>Drawing Markups.In the right pane ,there is an Arrow tool.To draw an Arrow , select the arrow tool then holding    down the shift key,draw the arrow on the pdf.


          arrow in adobe XI2.jpg


          2 -You can also change the density and color of the Arrow by right clicking the arrow .





          Hope it helps.