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    Lightroom Desktop Mac crash continuously


      I have an iMac 27" mid 2010 and Lightroom Desktop 6.5.1.

      I am not an hard Lightroom user so i  have not used it for one month (however in the past i have not experience this problem).

      In the last few days and in particular after the upgrade to 6.5.1, which has installed Adobe Creative Cloud too (even if i have not subscribed it ),

      Lightroom has started to crash. During work randomly the screen of my mac become black and the computer is unusable (as if it is off).

      The only way is to turn off the mac from the power button and then restart it!"

      I have disabled the GPU but the problem persists.

      This is causing corruption of my library and now i risk to loose a lot of work.


      The problem is Lightroom, not the iMac. The Mac has never crashed before and does not crash if i do not use Lightroom.

      Just using LR.


      Please Help Me!


      Best Regards