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    Lightroom facial recognition



      I am new to Lightroom and I know how to set the facial recognition and everything about creating the faces, what I don't know is how I organize the pictures of just one person and how can I sort them by the date they were taken. For example if I created a face for my son and I want to create a CD with just my son's pictures can I do it in Lightroom and how can I create it. I see the People folder in the Catalog (left side panel) I know how to create the folder but how do I get the pictures of the "people" that is shown on the right side panel?

      can someone help me with this :-)




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          Hi Martha. The facial recognition tags in Lightroom are keyword tags with the "person" property checked. All keywords are available in the Library module. Try this:


          1. Press G to enter the develop module in Grid mode.
          2. Find the Keyword List panel on the right.
          3. At the top of the Keyword List panel is the Filter Keywords box. Type the name of the person you want to filter for in the box to search for the keyword.
          4. When you find the keyword, hover your mouse over the keyword. On the right will show an arrow that says "Click to show photos containing this keyword"
          5. 1.png
          6. There is a sort function on the toolbar under the grid. If you don't see the toolbar press T to display it.
          7. 2.png


          Instead of filtering manually, you could also create a "Smart Collection" that includes special search criteria. Smart collections are created in the right panel under the Collections section. Here is the smart collection to find photos of my daughter. Some ideas for criteria that may help you (criteria depend on how you use Lightroom to tag your photos):

          • all the photos tagged with a certain keyword (your son's keyword)
          • all the photos tagged with a rating of 3 or higher
          • All the photos tagged "5 star"
          • Photos marked as "Pick"




          When you have all the photos you want to burn to a CD you will use the File, Export function.

          1. Click Edit, Select All to select all the images.
          2. Click File, Export
          3. Choose Export To at the top and choose CD/DVD
          4. Select any other options you want for the files (resizing, renaming, watermarking, etc.)
          5. Click Export.  (My computer doesn't have a burner, so it says "Disc burning is not supported on this computer" and my Export button is greyed out.


          I hope this helps!