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    Order of enumerated figure

    Mr. Joe_65


      I have created a text document with figures.

      The figure are enumerated sequentially ordered.

      For exemple, page 1 contains figure 1, page 2 only text, page 3 figure 2, page 4 figures 3 and 4.

      Now, I have inserted a new page (exemple: between pages 1 and 2 I have inserted a new page, which is now the new page 2).

      I have entered in this page a figure and automatically enumerated.

      BUT the number of the figure on the actual page 2 is now number 5 !!!

      I am trying to re-order sequentially the numbers of figure (page 1 figure 1, page 2 figure 2, page 3 only text, page 4 figure 3, and page 5 figures 4 and 5). I am not able to rename these figures sequentially.

      Do you have any suggestion to help me??

      Thank you in advance,