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    Recurring Issue: Unexpected error opening catalog


      Hi everyone,


      I am having a recurring issue that is driving me nuts. I have used Lightroom for years with no issues, but have had this same problem pop up constantly for the past two months.


      I am a wedding photographer and create a new catalog for each new wedding I shoot, and those catalogs (and RAW files) are saved on an external harddrive. Recently, though, when I go to open one of them, I'll sometimes get a, "Unexpected error opening catalog."


      The previous LR experience was not a forced shutdown, the harddrive has not come unplugged, etc.


      I found previously that if I copied + renamed or copied + moved the catalog, I could re-open it. Now, however, I'm not able to open this particular catalog at all, despite my best efforts.


      I have two questions, here:


      -Why does this keep happening? I have not changed my workflow at all and it has just started recently

      -Is there a way to open this current catalog?


      Many thanks!