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    Getting started Questions: 3

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      Hi Ch members


      First I want to thank the people who replied to my last questions. The fact that is the first time I have ever used a forum, I could not figure out how to mark 2 replays to the same question as correct.

      Do Adobe products have a feature that allows the recording of keyboard strokes and mouse clicks that would produce a readable record of the step by step procedure needed to accomplish a specific task or group of tasks?

      I just watched the live episode 1 again. Dave had the Cyberman character in the normal state moving his arms. Under the left arm was key trigger 5. When Dave pushed it BOTH hands turned to fists and moved up to the waist. Was the key trigger only in the left arm, but controlled both arms? If I plan on 8 sets of hand positions for each arm, usually involving both at the same time. Where would the triggers need to be placed in the right or left arm or both? A single arm movement should be placed in the appropriate arm only, right? My last questions covered this but, But I really need to make sure I understand this procedure.

      Is it possible to develop your layer structure in PS with out any graphics included in the layers?

      Thanks again until next time


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          I always put the kb triggers in each layer that I want to control. If I want the left and right fist to always move at the same trigger, I would use "f" for each of them. But I might want to sometimes do them simultaneously, and sometimes individually. For this I would pick triggers next to each other on my keyboard. For example, "f" for the right fist, and "g" for the left fist. Then I could push both triggers at the same time, or just one or the other separately.


          I hope this helps.