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    Adobe Color: saving a color from a search always loses the search results.

    jcpatwork Level 1

      Help me with this, if you have a workaround:


      Today I installed Creative Cloud app and logged in, because it seems necessary if I want to explore and use color palettes made by better artists.


      So I search for, say, "map blue", and I find a color palette I'd like to save. I click Save.


      The website takes me to a full page view of this color palette (unwanted, useless at this moment because I already know I want it--I clicked save!).


      Saved. Now I want to save a few more from that list of search results.


      So I hit the back button on the browser, and it takes me back to... no, it doesn't go back. It goes to some other list of colors.


      I have to retype the search terms, hit your servers again for a search request, and wait, again?


      This isn't helpful. Is there a better way? HUGE waste of time.