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    I can't get Lightroom 6 to open -


      I have Lightroom 6 and have been using it without any problems for a few months now.  Two days ago, it suddenly began to stall during the open process, and I am currently unable to access it at all.  When I double click on the icon in the dock, the initial box opens and the mouse spins as though it's trying, but it never opens. I can hear it trying but to no avail. I eventually have to force quit and get out of it, and I've done this numerous times. Rebooted numerous times.  Checked for updates and none that are relevant. Anyone have any thoughts on this?  I am nearing panic mode. :[ I hate to uninstall and reinstall because I have wedding pics on there that have been edited but not yet exported.


      Thanks so much.

      Shellie Fellers