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    Remove files during extension update


      Hello! I have a commercial cross-platform Photoshop extension which I'm maintaining. We're currently using a zxp package via Adobe Exchange with a .mxi file controlling installation. The problem we're running into is how to consolidate installation locations. Old pre-Exchange versions of our plugin could be in the Photoshop.app bundle itself under Contents/Required/Plug-ins, or in the standard Applications/Photoshop X/Plug-Ins. We support Photoshop versions all the way back to CS5 on both Windows and MacOS. We'd like to make sure those older versions installed within the Photoshop bundle get cleaned up as we publish upgrades, not least because the older versions of Photoshop get confused when different versions of the same extension shows up in multiple locations. I have heard through the grapevine that it should be possible to specify in the .mxi either a post-install script, or a list of files that need to be cleaned up, but I can't find any documentation of this. I've looked at this document, which seems to cover the .mxi format pretty thoroughly, but nothing about install scripts or removing files:



      Or is there a different way we should be handling this? Here's what our .mxi looks like currently (more or less):


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>

          <macromedia-extension name="myExtension" id="com.my.Extension" requires-restart="true" version="1.2.3" >   

              <author name="Me"/>


              It's pretty neat.









                  <product familyname="Photoshop" maxversion="" primary="true" version="16.0"/>



                  <!-- MAC version********************************************************************************** *******-->

                  <file destination="" platform="mac" products="Photoshop" source="sourceDir/mac/MyExtension.plugin"/>


                  <!--WIN 32 version********************************************************************************** *****-->

                  <file destination="" platform="win" products="Photoshop32" source="sourceDir/win32/MyExtension.8bf"/>

                  <file destination="/MyExtension/cs.lproj/" platform="win" products="Photoshop32" source="sourceDir/win32/MyExtension/cs.lproj/Localizable.strings"/>

                  <!--snip other localizations etc-->


                  <!--WIN 64 version********************************************************************************** *****-->

                  <file destination="" platform="win" products="Photoshop64" source="sourceDir/win64/MyExtension.8bf"/>

                  <file destination="/MyExtension/cs.lproj/" platform="win" products="Photoshop64" source="sourceDir/win64/MyExtension/cs.lproj/Localizable.strings"/>

                  <!--snip other localizations etc-->