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    Character Animator: Cannot play anymore-therefore can't render


      my character animator  (v 3) worked great, but then crashed when rendering several times. i have 16 RAM on macBook. My characters are imported from AI.

      I tried with small clips and it worked great (except there was a delay with sound preventing good synchrony), but when i expanded it to the full scrip it stopped working/

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Hmm. What do you mean by "rendering" (playback? realtime animating? or exporting?). There shouldn't be a delay in sound - lip sync should be instantaneous.


          What type of webcam/mic are you using? That standard Macbook one?

          Does this happen for all characters or just a specific one you've made/used? If custom, can you share it with us to take a closer look at?


          If this continues, please file a bug report with more detail and your full specs: Character Animator Bug Reports


          We have fixed quite a few crash issues in the new upcoming Preview 4 version, so keep an eye out for that - it may fix your issue.