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    Topic won't select

      I am opening my chm from an application with the following code.

      HtmlHelp(this->m_hWnd, "E:\\Help\\Help.chm::/EntryPoint.htm",

      The topic opens no problem, but the topic is not selected in the left view. Is there a setting I need to perform in RoboHelp to have this happen? Thanks!
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          Hi LarEpp,

          Welcome to the forum, and sorry it's taken so long for you to get a response to your query!

          When you say that the topic is not selected in the left view, do you mean that it is not selected in the TOC?

          If the answer is "Yes" then it is quite easy to fix. Select the Project tab of your RoboHelp project. Under Windows, right-click on the name of your window and select Properties. In Tri-pane Options near the bottom left, make sure you select the Auto-synchronize TOC option. Recompile your help file and try opening it again. The selected topic should be highlighted in the TOC.

          Good luck

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            AuthorAnne Level 1
            Oops - missed a step!

            The other thing you have to do is make sure that Always Show Selection is selected in HTML Help - Advanced Settings.

            In Single Source Layouts, right-click on Microsoft HTML Help and select Properties. Click the Advanced button, then select the TOC Styles tab. Select the relevant option, save and close.

            Recompile help and try again!