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    Military Form/File Digital Signature Issue


      I am having an issue with a particular blank form/file I downloaded directly from apd.army.mil. This is the only form I've ever had issues with signing. In the security settings, it says "Digital Signature-Not Allowed." I am out of my league in figuring out how to make this work. PLEASE HELP!!! I've included a link to the form/file below.



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          That form has a digital signature field that can be signed if you're using Acrobat. It can't be signed using Reader though. The form is an XFA form that was created with LiveCycle Designer, and such forms need to be Reader-enabled so that the digital signature usage right is included in order for Reader to digitally sign. This is something that the distributor of the form should have done before they made it available for use, assuming they expect Reader users to sign it.