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    To export to Word - problem with language


      Hello, (Adobe DC pro, PC, windows 10, with Office 2016)

      Here is my problem : I export pdf to word doc. My document are not in english but in french.

      When I open Word document, the language is in english. So there is problem with spell check... every time.

      I have to change language in word document (every time).

      Of course, that's not difficult to change, but it's every times - and it's very long with word documents with comments (i.e. Insert comments).


      I'd like to export pdf to Word document, in french, every time!



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          girijaAgarwal Adobe Employee

          Hi Lionel,


          Apologies for the late response.


          Please provide us with the following information:

          1. Is your document scanned?

               If yes, follow the steps below:

          • Launch Acrobat and open the pdf
          • Go to Export PDF app -> Microsoft Word -> Word Document
          • Click on the settings icon near "Word Document" and Check "Recognize text if needed"
          • Go to "Set language" and select "French" from the dropdown
          • Click Ok -> Ok -> Export


          Please let us know if this helps.