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    italic/bold font style excessively applied on Word import


      I'm placing a Word doc that contains italic or bold text (but not bold italic).  After placing, the text that follows either a correctly bolded or italicized word stays italic or bold until there is a notable interruption, like a section break or footnote call out. So, resulting ID doc is paragraphs and paragraphs of incorrect bold or italic.


      The ID file therefore has the appearance of HTML when the coder has used the "open" tag but forgotten the "close" tag.


      The originating font in Word is plain old Times New Roman, so italic and bold fonts exist there.  The target font in ID is Arno, so again there are italic and bold fonts available.


      This happens in both text and footnotes.

      ID CS6, v. 8.0 on a PC

      Office 2010, Word 14.0.7


      I've tried various things using the Show Import Options in Word, no luck.  Tried various mappings of styles, creating target paragraph or character styles in ID, no luck.

      Thinking it might be the faux italic problem, I tried search/replace in Word, replacing italic text with italic text before importing, still no luck.