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    Adobe Animate AIR Debug Mobile Problems

    Katush Level 1

      I recently moved from Adobe Flash CC development last year on my Macbook, to Adobe Animate CC on my iMac. I have had nothing but problems after this several month hiatus.


      Firstly, SimController tends to not load anything and freezes at startup after a few successful AIR Debug tests. This freze always requires a reboot to work again, for a few more times, then reboot again.


      As if that wasn't bad enough, I am not seeing the window that shows the 3D phone for accelerometer testing.


      I re-installed Adobe Animate 3 times, clearing all settings and preferences ... no change.


      Is the latest Adobe Animate working? Does the 3D phone simulator still come with AIR testing?


      Additionally, I am able to get iOS Simulator working using the xcode SDK, but cannot get debug to trace anything, hence why I was looking to get the AIR debug testing working.


      Am I the only one with all these problems? Anybody have any suggestions?