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    Sketch Size in Adobe Sketch


      Is it possible to set the initial canvas size to a square and also set the resolution? If not, I think this is a major drawback to using the app.

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          AnnImageArt Level 1

          Ok, so I have searched the forum and see that this is not possible. I am surprised that this wasn't a consideration right from the beginning. I mean resolution for printing is everything. Also, I do a lot of blending back with original photographs, it becomes a nightmare to line them up again unless you go through the hassle of centering the photo in a standard canvas size and then cropping later. Resolution even more of an issue.

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            Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi AnnImageArt,


            I love that you answered your own question.


            This is a popular request. So popular, actually, that the product team is looking at incorporating it into the app. Unfortunately, I don't have any information about WHEN that might happen... just that it's very likely it will.


            I'll definitely pass all your comments along to the team.


            Hope that helps a bit.



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              AnnImageArt Level 1

              Thanks, Sue. Then it would become an app seriously worth using especially together with all the others. The addition of layers to the apps is a massive improvement. Of course, masking would be the cherry on the top and differentiate it from all the others.

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                I agree, this is a major shortfall.  After the excitement of getting a new device with the comfort of Adobe professional tools, what a letdown to find all your drawings from the last week are 2732x2048.  What a strange choice of page size, is that the iPad resolution?  At 300dpi, works out to roughly 8x10 print size.

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                  Likewise, having subscribed to the full Adobe suite, and just spent an afternoon trying to get iPad and Mac to swap files back and forth, draw with the Apple Pencil (pretty amazing), etc etc, I find out my file resolution is completely dumbed down. What a MASSIVE let down !!!! No resolution control makes this app virtually completely useless to me.

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                    Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                    I just want to make sure I'm understanding correctly... Are you using the Creative Cloud versions of our desktop apps? (You should be able to send from the app to the desktop a high-res version of the art in Sketch.)


                    Please let me know so I can try to help.



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                      FloatingHorizon Level 1

                      Hi Sue,


                      Thanks for asking.


                      I'm using adobe sketch on an iPad Pro with Pencil. When I put a large B&W line drawing (9957x7016 jpg) across from my CC folder via my mac, it seems to come out at about 20% of the resolution. I also discovered I have to transfer it back and forth constantly. Then there's the extremely limited options/tools in sketch. I'm just wanting to colour it - block fills and some basic brushing. I can see how it works for a quick sketch on the go, but I was expecting a little more than that given the hardware these days (and the ads). Please tell me I'm doing it wrong : )


                      I've since discovered Astropad, which is awesome. Essentially it turns the iPad and Pencil into a basic Cintiq and I can use the whole of photoshop (or any other program). Yes, it requires a full machine to be nearby running it. Not perfect, but super useful. Its interesting to see how a tiny developer can quickly come up with such an obvious winner. I'd have thought a giant like Adobe would be onto this opportunity.



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                        Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                        Hi Chris.


                        If you're using the Creative Cloud versions of our desktop apps (that is... either Illustrator CC v20.0.0 or Photoshop CC v2015.5.0), then yes, you're sending to the desktop apps incorrectly.


                        You don't need to put the art in a folder.  When you're in an open drawing, tap the Share icon in the upper nav (in the pop-up menu that opens you'll see two links: Send to Illustrator CC and Send to Photoshop CC. Tap either of those. A moment after you see the Sent! notification in the app, the application will open on the desktop with your art in a new artboard.


                        (About the fill function in Sketch... I know it's something the team is discussing incorporating into Sketch).


                        Let me know how things go with sending to desktop.



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                          peoplemerge_ Level 1

                          Interesting... Will need to try this and see if it loads into a higher resolution.