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    multiple users for same lightroom catalog




      I'm a photographer's assistant and my question is regarding syncing his catalog and mine when he comes back from a trip.

      When he travels, he works on lightroom with his laptop, and I work with lightroom from his main computer in his studio, we work on the same lightroom catalog and photo archive (he has it copied on a hard-drive). I'm wondering what would be the best way to sync both his updates and mine when he comes back from a trip? I know that there is a way to connect all the different devices, but we need internet connection for this and he doesn't always has one.

      Thank you!


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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unfortunately, Lightroom is not a multiuser program. It has been requested many times. The catalog must be on a hard drive (internal or external) that is connected directly to the computer. The catalog CANNOT be on a network drive. The best way to share images and a catalog is to have everything on an external hard drive that can be moved from one computer to the other.


          Some users have found a solution by putting the catalog in dropbox and having the images (which CAN be on a network drive). But it is risky, and the catalog is vulnerable to become corrupted. Both users cannot access the catalog at the same time. And if a user attempts to open the catalog before it has been completely synchronized it can become corrupted. The dropbox method is not recommended by Adobe. But if you want to risk it on your own you may do so.