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    Current Lightroom Issues


      Creative Cloud, Lightroom Issues:


      1. When new photo's are imported and Import new is selected . . .  all  photos, new and old, on the card are still loading.
      2. When some photos from a card are deselected they upload to computer anyway.
      3. When "eject card" is selected . . . sometimes it does eject and sometimes it doesn't. 
      4. Slide show issues: gets struck on loading a particular slide and will go no further.
      5. Won't load videos from my camera periodically. i.e. sometimes they load and sometimes they won't.
      6. When a group of photos are selected and keywords are added to that group, they only mark the first photo.  The rest of the photos when looked at individually, are blank.  In other words, Won't sync keywords.


      In most of these, I've tried all the usually quick fixes, i.e. shutting down program and computer.  In addition with the slide shows, I have completely deleted and created new ones, nothing works; the same issues raise their ugly heads.  I'm thinking the program is corrupted in some way


      My issues are complicated because I am on the road and Internet is spotty.  I have a case started with Adobe, but their access is closed for the weekend.  If anyone has something to suggest, I will periodically check my emails as I can. 


      Thanks everyone.