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    Indesign CS6: updating TOC makes InDesign unusable?


      Hi there,


      I'm using InDesign CS6 on Windows 10 64Bit right now to create a school report. At some point, I've created a book-wide TOC. As I restyled content in one of the book's documents, I had to update the TOC.


      At the moment that I clicked "Layout" > "Update Table of Contents", I heard a notification sound (for the dialog "Table of Contents was successfully updated"). But the dialog that couples with that sound ("Table of Contents was successfully updated") did not show up!


      As a result, any screen area that is filled with InDesign becomes unclickabe (I hear an error-sound every time I click it). Moreover, I can't perform any actions anymore, like saving the book/documents. I think this is due to the fact that the "TOC was successfully updated"-dialog did not appear, but is hidden somewhere anyway. Now my InDesign window is blocked, and I can't save my documents anymore...


      Can anyone help me out? I'd like to at least save my unsaved progress, or be able to recover it if I have to force-close InDesign to get it to work again.





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          JeroenRood Level 1

          Alright, I looked around a bit more, and found out that InDesign recovers unsaved files on startup (link). As it turns out, InDesign saves changes in its recovery-cache every minute. For me, it was quite safe to just force-close it, and restart InDesign.


          So whenever this kind of weird error happens, there's a big chance you can just force-close and restart InDesign, as it will load any unsave changes, which it will apply to your then-opened documents/books.