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    Align page number inside a caption box?

    lucas donattis2544518

      Hello guys,


      I'm having some trouble in aligning my page numbers


      Here is the problem:


      Captura de Tela 2016-06-04 às 15.45.59.png


      Captura de Tela 2016-06-04 às 15.46.24.png


      I need the numbers to be rightfully aligned both horizontally and vertically inside the black box.

      In the master, it's aligned (sort of, because of the caption box) but when it comes to the actual page, and when its a 2 digit number, it doesn't align automatically.

      I need it to be live text otherwise the page numbering won't work.

      Is there an automatic way to fix this or should I fix every single page manually? (by expanding every single one of those numbers and then aligning them...) That could take a lot of time.


      Thanks a lot for the help!