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    Lightroom 5.7 freezes when filtering metadata


      I'm using lightroom 5.7 [991162] on a windows 7 professional system with about 40k photos.

      The user defined filter for metadata works when pre-selecting a directory. When I operate in the complete catalogue, Lightroom freezes and does not come back. I have optimized the catalogue regularly but it does not improve the situation.

      Does anybody know a work around?

      Thanks so much,



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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          What User Defined preset are you using (Full Details on what you are selecting)?

          Do you get a Loading bar with a small x to the right just under the name plate?

          How long have you waited?


          Update LR to 5.7.1 from here.


          Keeping Lightroom Up-to-Date

          Make sure you download the 5.7.1 update then run, install, the update file.

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            sonjag30058725 Level 1

            Hi, thanks so much for your quick answer and sorry for the delay (was on buz trips all the week).


            I guess you mean the presets for the catalogue.

            I am using the following presets (English names might be slightly different as I am using a German installation).

                 preview cache: 39 GB

                 standard size: 1680 pixel

                 preview quality: high

                 dump 11 previews after 30 days.


            I have upgraded to 5.7.1 as proposed. Now the situation is slightly different.

            When I select metadata with e.g., 10 pictures, it seems to work.

            When I select metadata with e.g., 2000 pictures, it just does nothing. Lightroom does not freeze now but does not filter nor is able to select the above metadata with e.g., 10 pictures which worked before. The user interface seems to be active but it feels that it is working somehow behind.


            Any guess what to do next?


            Thanks for your help!