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    InDesign CC images export problem in epub

    NaviB2 Level 2

      I have a problem with an epub done in InDesign CC 2014. It has images placed in the text and some are not showing properly when the book is exported to epub.


      I have attached an image to show what it happening. The image is partly repeated at the top, and then cut off at the bottom.


      It is not happening with all of the images in the book.


      The book is set up in InDesign with a book document containing separate files for cover, introduction, contents and each chapter.


      Each image has been inserted in the text by me setting a return in the document, formatting that with a picture style to centre the image and put some space abova and below the image, and then placing the image in that paragraph marker. I have not formatted the images any other way, and some have had to be reduced to fit onto the pages of the book. Most of the images that have been reduced are showing fine, but one has this problem. Som other images that fitted onto the page they were inserted in have this repeat problem.


      I have exported the epub as reflowable and I have then used the standard ID CC export settings for the epub.


      It looks to me like the CSS created for the epub is treating the images as background images and repeating them. I looked into the code for the epub and could not see where that is happening though.


      I have already done several epubs for the same client with images inserted in the text like this, and the other epubs have not had this error with the images.


      Can someone please tell me why this is happening now?


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          Mike Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          What app are you viewing the resulting EPUB in?

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            NaviB2 Level 2

            My client took photos of how the pics were showing on his Kindle. Another friend of his also checked the epub on her Kindle and had the same result. I have an old Kindle and only one picture has the problem. There are no image problems when I view the epub in Adobe Digital editions on my PC.


            So if the images are having problems on Kindles, then I need to solve it.

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              Mike Witherell Adobe Community Professional

              How are you preparing the EPUB to be MOBI on Kindle? What version of the Kindle app are your clients using and on what platform? Did you know that no two EPUB viewers ever seem to agree? Adobe Digital Editions is not a great previewer for EPUBs, nor MOBI on Kindle.

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                NaviB2 Level 2

                The client receives my epub file and converts it to mobi on his Apple computer. I am not sure with what software.

                I use Calibre to convert my epub and load it to my old Kindle.


                I have done around 10 books for my client with a similar styling and layout. Those books also had images in them and not so many. Those other books did not have this problem.


                Has something changed recently with the export of images from InDesign to epub? Using the reflowable option?


                I am not getting a solution here, which is worrying. My client will not be happy about the images not showing properly in the mobi file.

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                  Yves Apel Level 3

                  It is highly possible that your customer uses Kindlegen to convert the epub into mobi. Amazon made some changes during the last few updates of his software on how images are converted. Maybe you search in the forums from Amazon for a solution but don't expect to much.


                  You need also to know that there have been a few code changes for ePub with the last InDesign-Updates. ID is permanently evaluating, but this also means that the results must not always be stable or the same. If you really like to produce everytime the same code, you need to stick on the same InDesign-Version or you need to code you ePubs manually. This isn't very nice and can be frustrating, I know. But actually, this is the way it works.


                  That the 10 books before worked well sounds as to me as if you had good luck.

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                    NaviB2 Level 2

                    I found the solution to this one myself.


                    You need to set the images in the epub to export as png. The problem then disappears.


                    I found this as a hint on a forum elsewhere after doing a lot of searches. I can't find the forum link at the moment, but if I do I will post it here as well.


                    Problem solved and client is happy.