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    Why runtime sharing doesn't work in Flash 8 Pro ?

    Level 7
      Does anybody know how to work around mentioned Flash bug?

      1. Create export.fla with simple MC. Set up in linkage "export for runtime
      sharing..." ,give the name "example" and URL "blabla". Compile it and close.
      2. Create import.fla and in the library create empty MC "Symbol 1". In
      linkage section select "import for...", type in ID "example" and URL
      3. Drag and drop e.g. List component into the scene, compile and test it.
      Component looks and works fine. Optionally you can insert some items inside
      to be sure that component works.
      4. Drag and drop Symbol 1 anywhere into the scene. Test naw movie. Imported
      MC is visible but component stopped working. Shape of the component looks
      like black rectangle with white fill. If there was some items inside this
      component - they disappeared.

      Taht's all. Somebody could help me?
      By the way: order of adding MCs into the stage is important. If you do step
      5 and add another List component (or another type of it) into the stage -
      it will work fine but previously added - will not.