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    Unable to scroll to subsequent pages in Fill and Sign section.


      I recently upgraded to Acrobat Standard DC from Acrobat Standard XI. On a multi page pdf, when I click 'Fill and Sign' on the DC version, I am unable to continuously scroll down to the next page. Instead, I have to click on the arrow at the bottom of the page which then takes me to the next page, and then drag my signature or initial all over again. This process is more time consuming than being able to easily scroll down to the subsequent pages, which is how it is in Acrobat Standard XI. Does anyone have a solution? Edit->Preferences->Accessibility->Single Page Continous .. does not solve this problem.  I sign a lot of documents using the 'fill and sign' section and I am considering uninstalling this supposedly better version (DC) and going back to Standard XI, where sifting through and signing multiple pages is a breeze. Thanks!