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      i'm trying to save pdf file as xml with Adobe Acrobat and got this error message:


      what does that mean? what should i do?

      thank you in advance.

          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          This looks like an internal error code that was not meant to be displayed to a user. Unfortunately, without having access to the source code for Acrobat, it's impossible to say what that means, why it's getting triggered, and what you can do to avoid it.


          I would actually call this a bug: The user interface should never expose internal names to the user, and there should always be a simple, user friendly error message that gives us users a better understanding of what's going on. You may want to report this as a bug here:


          Feature Request/Bug Report Form

            Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

            Hi shulamitk,


            Sorry for the inconvenience.


            Would you let  us know the file you are trying to convert to XML, was that pdf created using LiveCycle Designer?

            To check if the file is created in LiveCycle Designer. Launch Acrobat. Open the same pdf file, click on File menu > Properties. On Properties window, click on General. And Check "Application" and PDF Producer.


            What is the current version of Acrobat that you are using? Also, is it possible to share that pdf file with us?



            Tariq Dar.

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              shulamitk Level 1



              the Application is: Adobe XML Form Module Library, and also the PDF Producer.

              my current version of Acrobat is : Adobe Acrobat 7.0

              about sharing the file - how can i attach my file here?


              thank you in advance,


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                Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

                You cannot attach files to a forums discussion, but you can upload files to Adobe's Document Cloud, share them there, and then post the link here. Here are instructions about how to do that: Share Documents via Adobe's Document Cloud - KHKonsulting LLC


                Adobe Acrobat 7 is ancient (it came out more than 10 years ago) and does not run on any modern operating system, so if you are running it in an environment that was never supported, I would not be surprised that things don't work correctly.

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