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    Will a 2D circle shape gradually change into an ellipse?


      Hi all, let us assume one shot a live action footage plate in their garden, where the scene is the camera looking straight ahead at a tree for example and then the camera operator walks from left to right with the camera still looking ahead. That plate is then brought into AE and the 2D tracker is applied. What if one then creates a solid circle shape in AE as shown by 'A' in the picture below. The question is, as the camera moves from left to right, would that solid cicle shape gradually change from a full circle to an elliptical type shape as shown in 'B'? I ask because if one were to place a Hula hoop (which is circular as we know) on a 4 feet stand and stuck the stand on the ground, if one were to move left or right while looking at the hoop, our vision combined with optical physics changes or bends the shape of the full circle and then transforms the hoop into more of an ellipse/oval.


      I just wanted to know if AE will treat the digital 2D circle shape in the same way when footage is brought into AE and 2D camera tracked.