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    Indesign CS4 - Basic Functionality


      I am new to Indesign. This is regarding Indesign CS4 version 6.0.6

      I rebooted my computer (Windows 7 Professional, version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601). I started Indesign. I created a new document using the default presets.

      In this condition, I find the following things: In the tools panel, only the selection tool is available. There is no response to clicking the icon for any other tool. In the pages panel, there is no response to clicking the "create new page" icon at the bottom of the panel, but I can add a new page by choosing "Insert Pages," which is the top choice for the menu for that panel. However, once I have more than one page, I cannot select a page by clicking on the icon for the page in that panel. If I open Windows Notepad, type some text and copy that text, then I can use "Edit > Paste" in Indesign to create a text frame. I have read relevant text in the first 5 chapters of indesign_cs4_help.pdf and don't find any preparatory action I should be taking to be able to use the Type tool on a new document. What am I missing here? Is there some mode I could have accidentally engaged that will survive a reboot?