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    Context IDs not working in merged projects

      I can’t seem to get context sensitivity to work. I have a master project: OG and two slave projects: rbc and MAINT. I used the TOC tab in the OG project to merge the rbc and MAINT chms. The merged TOC and index appear to be working OK.

      Next I edited the OG BSSCDefault.h file so it looks like this:
      #define Operator_s_Guide 1
      #define MSW 3
      #define AAA 4

      Then I edited the OG.ali file:

      I updated the redirect.xhtml file
      <head><title>Redirect Page</title>
      var Code = window.location.hash.substring(1);
      var URL= "";

      if (Code == "AAA") URL="its:rbc.chm::\HTML\AAA.htm";
      else if (Code == "MSW") URL="its:MAINT.chm::\HTML\banner.htm";

      if (URL != "")
      else if (Code != "")
      alert("Redirection code not defined: "+ Code);

      redirect.xhtml appears in OG Baggage files and the [FILES} section of the OG.hhp.
      When I test using the RoboHelp CSH tool, ID 1 (local to OG.chm) works. IDs 3 and 4 open the OG.chm but the topic is “The Page cannot be displayed”.