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    Have anyone transfer Photoshop makeup edits to After Effects or Premiere?

    Reggmail Level 1

      I ran across this video that does exactly what I'm buying a tracking program for.

      I would need to use various other program and processes just to achieve changing moving lips stick and blush color edit also with hiding blemishes on video as well.

      A very involved process for what should be a simple specific standard procedure in video / photo editing program. We need a hybrid program that can achieve both.

      Do anyone know of a way to achieve this task? If so, how do you accomplish it? No tutorials available at all doing this task.


      Although this program does not exist, this would surely shake up the video editing world if ever created as a Adobe Plugin

      or a stand alone at a moderate price... I could promise you that this could even do well in makeup / hair salons stores around the world as well.

      Please check this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZwmo_2DOz0 
      can you send this to any developers please.

      Don't forget me when it sells thousands...Lol.