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    Printing Layout on 12" x 12" paper gets truncated to 8" x 10"


      System: Mac OS X - El Capitan

      LR: CC 2025.5.1

      Printer: Epson Artisan 1430

      Printer Driver: Version 9.31



      Have a photo that is ~2.25 aspect ratio.  Trying to put two out side by side full height on 12" x 12" paper.


      Page setup is set to 12"x12", in (Sheet Feeder - Borderless)


      Layout is two cells 5.31" x 12" each, one on each side.  Layout created as follows:

      • Select "Custom Layout" in Layout Style
      • in the "Add to Package" panel, I added an 8x10 cell, unclicked "Lock to Photo Aspect Ratio" so I could resize the cell to 5.31"x 12"
      • Positioned the cell to the extreme left.
      • Duplicated the cell.  Positioned the new cell to the right.
      • Filled the cells with their respective images.



      When I print on a 12" x 12" sheet of paper, the result is:

      • The layout appears to be squeezed down to 8"x10'.
      • The cells should be 5.31" x 12" but are measuring 3.4" x 10".
      • The images look like they're scaled correctly, but are getting truncated to the cell boundaries.


      Just for grins, I tried checking the "Scale to fit proper size" checkbox in "Print Settings/Paper Handling"  It came out the right size, but was horrible quality due to the upscaling.


      So, I'm stumped.  Can't think of anything else to set to get it to honor the page/cell size.


      Any thoughts?