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    Promotions (daily deals) landing page for clients.



      I would like to offer a service for my clients to display, deliver and manage daily deals as another section to be added to their existing websites. I was wondering if instead of developing a secure zone / web app etc., I could use the partner/clients structure with templates and a customization of the admin panel.

      I have a couple of questions:

      Is it ok to use adobe BC to create a landing page or a section for existing websites (not a site per se). I am asking because I just read some disclaimer from adobe about the correct use of the partner portal?

      Can customizations to the admin console (say hiding some menus) be replicated when creating a new site?

      Thanks for your feedback!


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          Your question is not entirely clear.  Are you suggesting providing a client access to your partner portal via a partner username. If so then I'm struggling to join the dots between doing that and providing a daily deals page for the client.  First I would not recommend providing a client with a partner login. Irrespective, if you did, then there's no way to limit the admin experience they would get. They would have full access to everything you see.


          I'm going to take a guess here that what you are wanting to achieve is to create a separate deals site for the client, but you cannot justify doubling their hosting costs just to add-on this feature?  If that's correct, then this is entirely achievable within their existing hosted site.


          Theoretically you could build many sites within one single hosted site.  You can assign unique domain names to each site and have these go to unique landing pages. However this does require some very tight navigation and linking structures plus specifying canonical urls on each page to help mitigate risks of the sites cross contaminating search indexing. (e.g. Say you have 2 sites with unique pages... "www.siteone.com/onepage.html" and "www.sitetwo.com/twopage.html"...  this is no problem to do.  But because they share the same host then each page also exists via the other domain. i.e. sitetwo.com/onepage.html is a valid url. If paths exist between both sites whereby pages can be indexed via either domain then Google will index both. That will be viewed as duplicate content and will harm ranking for both sites.


          This does not mean you shouldn't do it. There are times when running a separate site under the one host makes good sense to do. It just means there's more to do at both the development and management levels for this to work properly so you need to weigh that up.

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            Hi, thank you very much for your reply! and sorry for the messy question. I recently started my test and trial of BC and I am obviously confused. However, I must say that you answered my questions.

            What I am trying to create in BC is a platform from where current and potential clients (many of them I hope!), can manage

            a deal or promotions site.

            Clients would access the platform through a normal BC subscription, perhaps the WebMarketing or WebCommerce plan,,, and with the help of predefined templates, they could customize their deals page as they need . Since they will have access to the CRM feature and the Email Marketing tool, they can create email campaigns that will ultimately link to this deals site/landing page.

            Form their current websites, clients will link to this separate deals site (as you described it); or perhaps they could redirect the BC default URL to something like: www.promotions.clientwebsite.com.

            Since my intention is to use adobe BC to create a "secondary" site, not a formal website, I was wondering if this is OK with BC guidelines...

            Also, if I customize the admin console for one of my clients, say that I hide menus that they don't need., I was wondering if those changes can be replicated when creating a new site for another client.

            I am reading now the manuals, I guess it will get more clear.