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    Lightroom CC 6.5 is automatically applying color presets to my RAW import. Never did this before.

    pointbob Level 1

      When I imported my CR2 (Canon 80d/6d images) into lightroom today I saw that Lightroom was arbitrarily adding color settings to my images (dark contrasts/color) in LIbrary/Develop modules. But the kicker is the adjustment were not showing on the develop module adjustment sliders - lightroom was saying these WERE the RAW images NOT TOUCHED up. And now when I can open the images in photoshop and they appear similarly touched up! I cannot view the RAW files in any adobe product without colors added.



      I tried reset the lightroom and even re-installed but no luck.



      What could be going on here, I even checked the quick develop settings and nothing is being applyed in terms of presets.



      Camera Calibration is Adobe standard.



      The program is acting almost buggy. When I import the images the changes occur when lightroom is building the smart previews. Or any previews actually. Does not matter if its minimal or 1:1. The program did not do this 3 days ago.





      Here is a link to a youtube video of the actual issue as I'm importing:


      Untitled - YouTube