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    How to stop Lightroom (1.4.1 - I know it's old!) from automatically adjusting my DNG raw file?


      How to stop Lightroom from automatically adjusting DNG raw file?


      I'm using Lightroom 1.4.1, from a CS4 installation. 

      I know it's old, but it works for my purposes, so no need to pay for an upgrade for now.


      I am shooting RAW images with a Nikon Df.  And it doesn't matter if I shoot just RAW or RAW + JPEG.

      My camera creates a NEF File.

      I then use Adobe DNG Converter to convert the file to DNG.

      I then import the DNG file into Lightroom.

      My Lightroom preferences include "none" for develop settings upon import.


      When I view the imported file in the DEVELOP panel, there are some basic adjustments that have been applied.

      Temp, Tint, Blacks, Brightness, Contrast.

      Granted, the image looks "nicer" with these adjustments, and granted, I can back the settings down to "0" if I want to see the "RAW" image, but what's going on here and how can I have the image start off with no adjustments?


      If it hit the "RESET" button, it will reset it to these adjustments.  Puzzling.


      Any suggestions?