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    I'm new to Premiere Pro CC and am trying to activate my AMD Radeon R9 360 card


      I'm new to Premiere Pro CC and also have a new Win10 PC equipped with an AMD Radeon R9 360 video card. It has 2GB onboard RAM. I've seen a lot of posts about adding the entry to the cuda_supported_cards.txt file. I cannot see this file in my Premiere program directory but when I try to copy a file to that location it says one already exists. I don't want to overwrite something I can't review first. I've changes Win10 settings to show hidden files without change. Questions: (1) Is the 360 a supported card? I've seen a bunch of outdated lists, and wondered if, since it's a new entrant to the field, it's part of the list. (2) If not, any suggestions about how to display and read the invisible cuda_support_cards.txt file. The end game here is to utilize the power of my card if at all possible.