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    Cloning out an object from a video using AE and PS


      Hello all. I posted a question about a week ago asking how to clone or otherwise get rid of an object in a video using PS. I never did get an answer but several people suggested that I try AE. I have done that. I'm at the point now where I took a frame from the video out of AE, opened it in PS, did the edit on it and brought it back in to to AE. I can tell it will work because the preview shows the object hidden...that part is great. My question is now what do I do to render or save the video with this "patch" on it. I was fortunate in that this was a simple fix because the object is stationary so I didn't need to track anything. So now all I have is the PSD layer with the fix on top of my video. I am unable to find simple, basic, easy to follow directions of what to do next. Help would be much appreciated. I just want to merge these things together and resave my video as an mov or avi mp4. Again, thank you.