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    flash animation scaling issue while embedding


      First of all I am completely new to flash building so with that said.


        I paid for a flash chat script called flash chat deluxe, now called camcomchat, so anyway I lost the original updated download that was text based only and had to ask the guy for a re download. Long story short he ended up giving me the newest version.


        The issue I am now having is that the old version I had would scale depending on the embed code and this one does not.  And this script is beyond useless if i can not get it to scale, example below in the for of screenshots. ( side note the guy demeaned 500$ from me for any advice on this )


      Old version preview in full screen:



      New version preview in full screen:



      But if I compile the new version under flash 9 it becomes scale able though it creating a video loop, but if i remove the offending code and get it to compile without error the way it is displaying above comes back.


      Any advice would be great!