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    Licensing requirements


      If only one team member will be creating templates in InDesign but the rest of the team will need to use the templates to be selected from Word, my question is, do all Team Members require a licence or just the person who creates the templates in InDesign?


      Thank you

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          Am not entirely sure of the workflow you are suggesting. Let me see if I understand this (feel free to clarify more):

          • Person A creates reusable InDesign templates for a publication (like a newsletter, or brochure).
          • Other team members write content for this publication in Microsoft Word.
          • The content created in Word needs to be imported into the InDesign templates.


          Is this the scenario you are looking at?


          If yes, then the other team members would either need an InDesign CC license or a separately purchased Adobe InCopy licenses, as the resulting publication is produced using Adobe InDesign/InCopy.


          If you are using an InDesign/InCopy workflow, then think of InCopy as the editorial only component in the workflow, e.g. copyfitting, editing the text.



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            jenniefcandl Level 1

            Thanks for your reply Cari.


            We haven't started using InDesign yet so I'm not entirely sure if that workflow is correct but we have been led to believe that somehow, Word will have a drop down menu from the toolbar showing the InDesign templates that can be used to populate with the content required.


            Is that correct?



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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Let's not over complicate this. Only the InDesign users need licenses.


              If Word templates have been created for the Word users, then those folks would need licenses for Word. Those templates would be created using Word, not InDesign.

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                Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

                Aaaah sounds like you might using a workflow that talks to InDesign templates in the future. those solutions do exist (an example would be Typefi Publish), where styles and design elements added in an InDesign template can be called through an add-on for Word. In that case you'd ONLY need a license for the person that is building/maintaining the templates.

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