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    New full screen mode jumping to top of the page when moving between artboards?


      I've been really please with the implemented full screen mode, it is much better, especially when need to present projects to clients.
      However, I noticed that every time I am in the preview mode and move through the links between artboards, the screen view moves always to the top of the page.


      Let me explain: I've created a new project using a 1280px artboard which simulates my website page. This page is really long so in the preview mode is featuring the new scrolling tool. At the bottom of the page I need to design a section which the user may expand clicking on "read more". In order to simulate that, I duplicate the first board adding the expanded section to the second one and linking the two board.


      Before the update, on the preview mode, I could scroll down the screen, click on "read more" and the preview was showing the effect wanted in the right way, moving from one board to the other. With the new update, once scrolled to the bottom of the page and click on the link, the preview moves to the second board but "jump" to the top of the page, loosing the simulated effect.


      Is there any way to avoid that?