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    Can't figure out how to get rid of a video overlay on a template project


      Hi all - Somewhat of an AE newbie, I'm a video editor used to FCP/Avid/Premiere.


      My question is that I'm working on a slideshow project and using a template for parts of it to spice it up - https://www.pond5.com/after-effect/52141595/dynamic-slideshow.html#2   (see demo video to see what I'm talking about)


      What I can't figure out is how to get rid of the transparent circles and color effect that goes over the whole timeline/composition - I've even tried deleting every layer except the one that has my photos on it (a new layer I created). It seems there is a hidden or built-in preset overlay and can't figure out how to access it to edit/remove.


      Thoughts? Thanks in advance