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    How are Verity scores calculated ?


      I have a tourism web site (CF 6.1 - soon upgrading to 7).

      I use Verity to index the database and use a "simple" search.

      If I search for "romantic OR getaway" I correctly get results for records that have either or both these words.

      However, the score is the same irrespective of whether the record contains just one of the words, both the words, or the exact phrase "romantic getaway".

      I would have thought that at least having both words would return a higher score than only having one of the words, and that the exact phrase would have the highest score.

      Can anyone explain this ? I cant find any info in the documentation.

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          I have searched and searched for documentation on this subject as well. It simply does not exist on the ADOBE/Macromedia sites. Macromedia uses Verity as an OEM. Verity was a stand alone company purchased by www.autonomy.com which is a UK based company. I have spoken with Autonamy they will not provide documentation unless you have a case number from Macromedia. A single incident cost $499 from macromedia. A heafty price to get the Verity documentation which Adobe may or may not have. Ultimately Autonamy would have the answer but they're locked up unless you purchased Verity from them not Macromedia. Good luck fighting the bureaucracy.
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            Murrah Level 1
            Thanks for your reply. It certainly isnt worth the $$ for me to know this !