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    Global Variables and Dropdowns

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      I've been experimenting with Global Variables and Dropdowns as a way to save the value set in a dropdown after a page has been deleted so that when a copy is re-spawned I can draw the value in the dropdown directly from the global variable rather than a very long switch statement.


      So the theory is this;

      First a page is spawned from a hidden template, using a button on the initial page, lets call this the "Master Page" and the spawned page the "Copy Page" the user selects a few options from many choices and then when finished closes the Copy Page.

      Those options then change certain values on the Master Page.

      However the user may decide they wish for different options and so re-spawn the Copy Page once again.

      Of course I don't want them to have to fill out all the details all over again and so values are autofilled on the Copy Page from hidden fields on the Master Page.

      This works fine except for one specific case being a dropdown box. Due to another stage in the process the hidden text fields, when printed, will show up on the Master Page. So because of this the text field value is different to the value of the dropdown and this is where the global variable comes in.

      Before the Copy Page is deleted I have a function setting the value of the global variable to that of the dropdown, so when the page is spawned again it can pull the dropdown value from the global variable saving me the leg work of writing a switch statement with 30 or so outcomes.

      Hopefully that explains the theory.


      Everything is working to plan except when the Copy Page is re-spawned, I get an error message in the debugger stating;

      InvalidSetError: Set not possible, invalid or unknown.

      Field.value:30:Field CreateABarLayout:Mouse Up


      Here is how the code looks;

      Document Level

      //Taking the value of the dropdown and putting it in the global variable
      function ObscureType(ChkObsc, ObscDp, IcnObsc, GlobalObscVar, ObscTxt,
      ValueObsc, ValueClear) {
           var fldChkObsc = this.getField(ChkObsc).value;
           var fldObscDp = this.getField(ObscDp);
           var fldIcnObsc = this.getField(IcnObsc);
           var fldObscTxt = this.getField(ObscTxt);
           if (fldChkObsc == "Yes") {
           GlobalObscVar = fldObscDp.value; //Setting the global variable's value as the dropdown value
           fldIcnObsc.display = display.visible;
           fldObscTxt.value = ValueObsc + GlobalObscVar; /*Here I set the value inside the text field using 
      the value in the global variable*/
           else {
           fldIcnObsc.display = display.hidden;
           fldObscTxt.value = ValueClear;

      Here is how I call that function

      Inside a button

      ObscureType(prefix + "TopObsc",prefix + "TopObscDp", "ObscTop", gblVarTObscVal, 
      "TopObscTxt", "Top Obscure: ", "Top Clear"); //"prefix" is defined elsewhere on the page


      Document Level

      //Taking the value of the Global Variable and putting it into the Dropdown
      function PullObscType(Global, ObscTxt, ChkObsc, ObscDp, IcnObsc, Value) {
           var fldObscTxt = this.getField(ObscTxt).value;
           var fldChkObsc = this.getField(ChkObsc);
           var fldObscDp = this.getField(ObscDp);
           var fldIcnObsc = this.getField(IcnObsc);
           if (fldObscTxt !== Value) {
           fldChkObsc.value = "Yes";
           fldObscDp.display = display.visible;
           fldObscDp.value = Global; //This is line 30 (There is another function above this which is unrelated) 
           fldIcnObsc.display = display.visible;
           else {
           fldChkObsc.value = "Off";
           fldObscDp.display = display.hidden;
           fldObscDp.value = " ";
           fldIcnObsc.display = display.hidden;

      Here is how I call this function

      Inside a button

      PullObscType(gblVarTObscVal, "TopObscTxt", "TopObsc", "TopObscDp", "TopObscGlass",
      "Top Clear"); /*because of how "prefix" works I am setting these values 
      on the template page before spawning the copy*/


      If needed I can post a link to the document and provide instructions how to re-create the issue.

      I believe the issue resides with the line fldObscDp.value = Global; as that is the only line 30 part of the code which is related to the issue.

      Another thing I have noticed is that after the ObscureType function is called I am using this line of code;

      app.alert(gblVarTObscVal + "-" + gblVarBObscVal);

      To see what the values are of both the global variables, gblVarBObscVal comes up empty which is correct however gblVarTObscVal comes up empty aswell even though the text field comes up with the value "Top Obscure: (Correct Dropdown Value)" which is correct.

      Sorry if this makes no sense but it's quite a long workflow and I've been trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong for a few days.


      Any help is much appreciated

      Thank you in advance.