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    Adobe RoboHelp Version Control via Team Foundation Server


      Hi Everyone,


      For the last several months I've been working in RoboHelp to stand up a new project for a client. This client utilizes Team Foundation Server (TFS) to store and deploy code to the system. As such, RoboHelp was integrated with TFS via version control so that multiple individuals could access RH from different locations and update content, as necessary.


      I have found that I am having several issues:

      1. Multiple files do not appear to be shared or pulled into RH even though they exist on TFS. For instance, I created 2 different Responsive HTML 5 output files and although they exist on TFS after I checked them in, I recently upgraded RH and the files no longer appear in the Outputs pod. Additionally, no one else can get the outputs that I created to appear on their local versions of RH.  Thoughts?

      -- Some additional files that do not appear to be updated properly via the TFS/RH connection include: WebAppHelp.hhc, any snippets, any output files, rhbuildtag.apj, rhlayout.apj.


      2. After a user creates topics and checks them, the next user who accesses the RH project from a different computer finds that the newly created topics appear in their broken links folder.  Why is this and what steps should we take to eliminate this issue?