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    Iphone 6s - Access Required error

    drakee Level 1



      I have downloaded the Draw app to use on my iPhone 6. However I am unable to log-in.


      I have logged in to Draw on my iPad without issue, but when I try to log in on the iPhone 6, I get the following error:


      Access Required This account does not have required access to a sync space Location (which I do). Please sign in with a different account.


      I tried with the enterprise account as an alternative, as I am using a University account, but got exactly the same error message.


      I do have a sync location I think - I presume this means a creative cloud drive?


      I have deleted and re-installed but get the same error.


      What am I doing wrong?


      Many thanks for any help





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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



          We had this exact issue come up not long ago (Logging into Illustrator Draw - Access Required message ) and our Customer Care team asked him to take these steps:

          1) Make a NEW, test Adobe ID (use another e-mail address if you have one!)

          2) Try to log into the mobile apps

          3) Let us know if you still see the error when you log in with this new ID and we'll go from there.


          Can you give this a try?





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            drakee Level 1

            Hi Sue,


            I tried that and was able to log into that account in Adobe Draw on the iPhone 6.


            This is odd as I have a lot of files in the other account's drive.


            Many thanks





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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



              Have you by any chance tried signing out and back in now with your original Adobe ID? I know it makes zero sense but (you can see if you scroll to the bottom of this post: Logging into Illustrator Draw - Access Required message ) after he created a new account and logged in on his device he was able to log out of the new account and log back in with his original account and everything worked fine.


              Maybe give that a try?



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                drakee Level 1

                Hi Sue,


                Thank you or that suggestion and feedback. I tried that but still couldn't log into Draw.

                I think I have tracked the issue down and its a little complicated and I could still do with a little help.


                I used to have a workplace Team account for Creative Cloud access. This had CC-Drive access and I stored files on the drive.


                This was superseded by an enterprise account (using the same name) but this account didn't have drive access as part of the package, however I still had access to the cloud drive and continued to store files because the old subscription was still in place.


                This account subscription was renewed last month and I think that time the drive became no longer part of the account, linked to it or accessible from it.

                I have the files saved on the local computer folder (thank goodness), but it is not linked to the Creative Cloud access.


                I can use the alternative account for Draw which is fine, but is there anyway that I can link this content folder to the CC-Drive for access on my desktop computer?


                Without the access to a 'store' location it seams I can't access Draw from the work account, which is a pain as I can't then link the files to other apps or send them to Illustrator etc. Is there any way that I could log into Draw without Drive access? Its odd as I have library file access from that account...?


                Anyway your help is much appreciated.


                Many thanks





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                  Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                  I can help you with a way to get work from one account to another but that bigger question about CC-Drive is way beyond my knowledge and something I need Adobe Customer Care to help you with. I've asked them to take a look at this conversation.


                  If you'd like a way to transfer Draw projects between accounts, here's how to do that with the “Share your Assets with Send Link” functionality through the Web:

                  Sign in to https://assets.adobe.com/ with your OLD (where your work is) Adobe ID.

                  Navigate to Assets/Files/Mobile Creations/Draw and select the project to share

                  Click on Share/Send Link, then the button Create Public Link

                  At this point, you can choose to send the link to an email address. Send it to yourself.

                  Then sign into your NEW CC account to open that link and when it opens click the Save to Creative Cloud link in the upper right hand of the screen. This will save the project to your NEW account.


                  It's going to take a minute or two for it to sync on the web and your device, so be patient and keep the app open. Once you can see it on your device in your NEW account, you'll be able to open it and work on it on your device and Send To Desktop when you're ready.


                  I know that's a long and convoluted set of instructions, so please let me know that it worked for you. We are currently working on a way to make it MUCH easier to share work between accounts.



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                    kirker Level 4

                    Hey David,

                    Thanks for your patience with this issue. Please try out the instructions that Sue provided above. If that doesn't end up working, can you shoot me an e-mail at kirker at adobe dot com? We can create a support escalation from there.



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                      drakee Level 1

                      Hi Sue and Kathleen,


                      Thank you for the advice and for the reminder of the link to the browser access for assets.


                      I have tried this with a couple of files and it works, great!


                      I can see it being a bit slow to transfer the 60ish files that I have in the space, so it would be goof to find a quicker method if possible.


                      I will look to see if there a way that I can download or upload en-mass.. and or set up a local (duplicate) Creative Cloud folder to maualy copy files from one account to another...?


                      Thank you agin for the help. I can now at least use Draw in the phone and iPad.