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    Variable Font Properties Inside a Table Cell

    mechaichezilla Level 1



      the following code works fine inside a text area:


      with(textArea.insertionPoints) {
           for ( var iStringSection = 0; iStringSection < stringsAndStyles.length; iStringSection++ ) {
                lastItem().properties = {
                     contents: stringsAndStyles[iStringSection].contents,
                     fontStyle: stringsAndStyles[iStringSection].fontStyle


      The font style changes correctly for every string segment. But if I try the same with a table cell (just replacing textArea with the current cell, the rest stays the same), the fontstyle will not change between the string segments. Is there a different approach to achieve variable font styles inside a table cell? Without using a new paragraph, the font is supposed to change on the same line.


      Thanks a lot!