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    AfterEffects using null objects with relative keyframes for scale


      I am working on a slideshow that has 100 pictures that are sequenced one after the other (3.5 seconds for each picture) with some of them doubled up (2 pictures on the screen at the same time).  I would like to have each of them scale from 65% to 75% within 15 frames and using the curves so that it is faster in the beginning then slows down.  Can I create a null object that contains that scaling parameter with those keyframes and parent those 80 pictures?  Will the keyframes from the null translate to the individual pictures at their in-points (i.e. frame 1 of each picture starts at 65% and frame 15 of each picture gets to 75%)?  I think this would be much easier then bringing all those pictures back to the same starting point, changing the scaling, then re-sequencing them on the timeline.  Thanks...