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    Delay start

      I've been updating a client's existing company movie over the last few months. In the original movie, the intro would play and wait until the user clicks anywhere on the screen before it would begin playing the movie. The simple script:

      on exitFrame
      go to the frame

      was used to keep the playhead on that frame until the user clicked. The client is wanting the movie to act similar to a dvd now. So, I've since added a menu on the intro screen that has the 3 different sections listed so they can chose, or there's the option to play the whole movie. Works great. I have the 3 sections and the whole movie separated on the score so that when it's finished playing, the playhead comes back to the intro where the main menu is. The one thing i'm wanting to add is a feature that if the user does not click anything on the main intro menu in a matter of 15-20 seconds, the movie will automatically start playing where the whole thing is layed out on the score. This feature will come in handy when the client is displaying it at a show and they can't get to it to replay it.

      So I'm wanting the playhead to stop on the intro with the main menu like it does already, still having things animate, but after so many seconds, if there's no input from the user, the playhead moves to the section that plays the whole movie. Can anyone help me with this? I know some scripting but not enough to do this. All is appreciated.
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          if you use the "go to the frame script elsewhere in your movie, then duplicate it so that the following changes you make to this script only apply to the frame with the main menu.

          then change the script like so:

          property pAutoAdvanceTime

          on beginsprite me
          pAutoAdvanceTime = the milliseconds + 60000 -- change the time here. in this case 60 seconds

          on exitframe
          if the milliseconds < pAutoAdvanceTime then go to the frame

          this will only hold the movie in the current frame for 60 seconds (or whatever time you choose)
          in an ideal world the time variable would be an adjustable property settable via the GetPropertyDescriptionList dialog (-> Behavior Initializers), but I wanted to keep things simple for now and simply "hardcoded" the 60000.