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    Paragraph Rules are Disappearing Behind Text Lines


      I'm trying to create the appearance of a colored box around some text by using a [red] paragraph rule below the text and then offsetting it so it appears behind the text. I've done this in the past and it's worked but it's not working in CC 2014. As I change the offset, which moves it to behind the line of text (which in this case is behaving as if the text were in a white box), it disappears then reappears as it moves above that box. I've checked everything I thought it could be but it's just not working. I've also tried it with a rule above with the same effect.


      I might rethink the design and try to use tables so I can control the colors better.


      Any suggestions? I'm on a Mac running Yosemite.


      Also, does anyone know where I can find someone to write a script that would work in InDesign? I have to place several thousand images and I can't imagine doing it one-by-one.