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    Loading FLV files from diffrent domain


      I'm using Flash 8 and i'm trying to do something like this:
      I've made FLV player from build in FLVPlayback component. At the beginning I used wizard to do this and I entered URL adress where I keep FLV file (diffrent than my computer). I pressed ctrl+enter to test movie end everything was ok. Than I started to do make it "changable" by giving argument in <object> and <embeded> parameters. I've made nessesairy changes in FLA file (I've cleared contentPath property of FLVPlayback and i've entered in first frame something like this: flvplayer.contentPath = _level0.movie, where movie is argument passed by param in <object>) and in html file (<param name="allowScriptAccess" value="allow" />). And...Nothing is playing, I get security alert that flash wants to access remote data and that's it..My question is: What I have to do to play FLV files that are placed on diffrent domain?

      (I tried crossdomain.xml - no effect I think)